• Our experienced, reliable team can help you optimize and manage short-term rentals of your Paris property.

  • Our experienced, reliable team can help you optimize and manage short-term rentals of your Paris property.

  • Our experienced, reliable team can help you optimize and manage short-term rentals of your Paris property.


We’ll help you organize and prepare your home for short-term rental guests, then take professional photos and post optimized listings at Airbnb and other platforms. Our multi-platform listing strategies, as well as our extensive experience in variable pricing (seasonal- and event-based) can help you start hitting your rental targets within about six months.

Guest Management

We carefully vet each guest to make sure they’ll treat your home with the utmost respect: established renters who match your apartment’s specifications, and no parties. Then, from the first inquiry to the final property review, we’ll manage the booking process, as well as the stay, to ensure that your guests are happy, and you are too. This attention to detail has made us certified Superhosts on Airbnb and has earned our properties an average rating of 4.9/5 stars across all rental platforms.


We’ll meet your guests at check-in, show them around your place, explain any house rules, and provide them with a tailor-made guide to make their stay in your home, and in Paris, as pleasant as possible. Then we’ll meet them again at check-out to recuperate your keys and make certain that they’re leaving your property as they found it.


Between guests our cleaning staff will make your property spotless again, turning over the beds and bathrooms with fresh linens and towels so that your home is always ready to welcome new guests – including your friends, and you.


Cleaning and pressing of all sheets and towels are included in our rates.


Lightbulbs, temperamental Wi-Fi, heating issues – our team will do its best to fix any minor problems so that you don’t have to. And if larger repairs are needed, we’ll work with you to manage a reasonable solution on your schedule.


Our own dedicated online platform gives you a calendar of all upcoming bookings, as well as monthly accounting reports including your fees, expenses, and overall profits. You’ll also get monthly accounting overviews by email.

And More…

Interested in more services? Just ask.


We charge a flat 20% of profits, which includes all our property management services:

  1. listing management
  2. guest management
  3. check-in/check-out
  4. cleaning
  5. pressing
  6. maintenance
  7. accounting

Rental payments are made directly into your bank account, anywhere in the world, and we send you a bill for our services at the end of each month, payable within 7 days.

Laws & Regulations

The laws and regulations concerning short-term rentals in Paris have changed dramatically over the past two years and continue to evolve. We now have extensive experience in meeting these requirements for our owners and can help you design a rental plan that protects you and your property.

  • “I had thought about renting long-term. But with the profits Paris for Us makes me on short-term rentals, I pay my mortgage every month while keeping my apartment available for when I want to use it.”

    - Éloïse, 7th Arrondissement

  • “We started with Paris for Us in 2015 and could not be happier with the experience. As the laws in Paris have changed, the team has kept evolving to meet the new requirements, and we’ve seen almost no drop-off in revenue.”

    - Jean-Marie, 6th Arrondissement

  • “I spend a month or two in Paris every year. I had always wanted to rent short-term, but until I met the Paris for Us team, I was too nervous to hand over the management of my property to anyone else. They have been entirely trustworthy and reliable.”

    - Ben, 3rd Arrondissement

About Us

We’re a group of American and French friends who started Paris for Us in 2014. Initially we were renting our own apartments and helping each other out with various aspects of the business (check-ins, cleaning, etc.). When more friends needed help renting their own apartments, we turned our expertise into a boutique business. Now we manage a dozen high-end properties in Paris. We believe in quality over quantity and choose to represent only exceptional properties best configured to earn their owners, and us, maximal income. We also highly value our positive relationships with like-minded property owners and give this serious consideration when taking on new properties.

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